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Monday, February 18, 2008

Monsanto Rules

Monsanto millionaires see fortunes rise as stock more than doubles
BizJournals Sun, 17 Feb 2008 10:38 PM PST
Thirteen Monsanto Co. executives and directors sold more than $59 million worth of stock Nov. 15 through Feb. 4, benefiting from sky-high share prices boosted by record sales and profits.

Monsanto execs make millions on potentially dangerous products. Monsanto makes Round-up, a patented herbicide. Monsanto holds the patent on and produces seed for genetically modified crops that are not killed by Round-up. Farmers can then plant these crops and use Round-up to kill weeds without harming their cash crop. Nice and easy for the farmer. Until he realizes that he's stuck with the genetically modified crop available only from Monsanto and the herbicide available only from Monsanto. As more and more large farms are moving to these products, Monsanto gains control over more and more of the world's food supply. When the billions of people on the planet are dependent on one source for food, Monsanto rules the world. Think about it.

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