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Thursday, June 01, 2006


55 million years ago, the arctic was a subtropical paradise due to global warming of unknown natural causes. Read this and ponder.

More and more evidence accummulates that global warming beyond natural ciclic fluctuations is a reality and that this reality is linked to more and more severe storms, cyclones, and hurricanes. Should we wait until ALL the evidence is in?
More on the Iraqui Quagmire

As anyone old enough to have a knowledge of the U.S.A. war in Viet Nam or who has dealt with permanently mentally damaged Viet Nam Vets, knows that wars involving large concentrations of civilians mixed among the combatants always result in a kind of blood-lust madness among the combatants. Not all, of course. But too many. Nice, ordinary and even exemplary men and women lose all sense of perspective and conscience under the constant terrifying impact of horrible deaths all around them. The stress becomes overwhelming and brain chemistry changes. We saw it first in Abu Gharib, but we knew it wouldn't, couldn't, stop there. Punishing the men and women involved in the deaths of innocent, unarmed civilians is like punishing abused children for becoming abusive adults. Nothing is resovled and the killing goes on . . . and on. Story 1 Story 2 Story 3-Mind Control
More on the Environment and Natural Disaster:

Indonesia Quake
Java Caught Between Earthquakes and Volcanic Eruption
Two New Studies Link Global Warming to More Severe Hurricanes

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

In the News:

American Speak with Forked Tongue: Although the war in Iraq appears to be very unpopular with most U.S. citizens, the U.S. military is very quietly going about preparing for a long occupation - at least nine years! Check out this site:

Earthquakes, Volanoes, and Hurricanes - WHEEEE! Mama Earth appears to be a bit upset these days. Could WE be doing something wrong? Join me in a small effort to make "Mama" a bit healthier: Virtual Marcher and check out some of these other interesting sites and stories: What's New in Alternative Energy Research?
World Population
Environmental Tips and How-Tos
Living on Earth

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