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Thursday, March 01, 2012

Bed Bugs!

I recently visited a friend in San Jose, Costa Rica.  The apartment was small, but pleasant with a balcony on which my friend had a plethora of various plants growing.  The apartment was clean, but to my dismay, the morning after I had spent the night in the guest bedroom, I was covered with bedbug bites.  Since I am an extremely allergic type the bites became very large and the itching was intense!  I inspected the bed carefully and found small spots of blood on the sheets.  I noticed cracks in the wall around the bed, in the headboard, and clutter under the bed.  But the infestation had not yet spread to the other bedroom, so my friend was incredulous!  I assured him he had bedbugs although I had not actually seen any.  Today I found a site with very good information about avoiding the spread of bedbugs.  I think it will be helpful to many travelers, so I'm passing it along.

Created by: BedBugs.org

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