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Thursday, February 14, 2008


Costa Rica voted to join CAFTA, but now President Arias is having trouble getting the Assemblea to rewrite the country's laws to make it comply with CAFTA requirements. NAFTA isn't working for the good of the majority, so why should CAFTA be any different?
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Mexicans Say: Integrate

By Katie Kohlstedt
As part of a broadened alliance of Mexican civil society groups
demanding the renegotiation of the
North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), Mexicans from all parts of the
country occupied Mexico City's
Zocalo and surroundings on Jan. 31.
The hot subjects of immigration, subsidies, and corporate manipulation
with disregard for
the public are making people angry in all parts of North America. As
divergent as the march was, at least
Mexicans were motivated to hit the streets. If only the injustices of NAFTA
made enough people angry
enough to push their governments to do something.
Katie Kohlstedt (kkohlstedt(a)ciponline.org) is Program Associate at
the Americas Policy Program (www.americaspolicy.org)
in Mexico City.
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