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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Short Sighted Past Hampers Costa Rica's Present and Future

Inside Costa Rica - National News

  • The clout of American big business in the 1940s and 1950s in Costa Rica can be seen in laws which continue today to prohibit private sector labor unions. The result is that Costa Rica is still 20 to 40 years behind the United States in technological and construction expertise among other important industries. United Fruit was a major contributor to what has become a huge imbalance between private and public sector power, productivity, and the future. Looking only at short-term interests, United Fruit and other American companies carried tremendous political and social clout in Costa Rica and American companies are now belately feeling the adverse affects. The Costa Rican infrastructure is crumbling, start-up companies in the high tech area are severely hampered by outdated national communications systems, ineffective legislation, and corrupt government. It will take many decades of dedicated effort to turn around this situation. - post by mbthorman

Violation of Union Deals is Denounced

Experts from the International Labour Organization denounced on Saturday that mass labour agreements are ignored in Costa Rica since the unionization of private sector workers is banned.

  • See InsideCostaRica.com at http://insidecostarica.com/dailynews/2006/october/08/nac02.htm - post by mbthorman

Goldin noted that the Costa Rica will change its international position as it implements changes.

The consultant added that ILO is extremely worried about the number of direct deals made with no union workers and the reduced quantity of mass agreements in the private sector, a situation that has not been seen in other nation.

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