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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Valid Point
Think About This One!!! It's short but very interesting!
A car company can move its factories to Mexico and claim it's a free market.
A toy company can out source to a Chinese subcontractor and claim it's a
free market.
A shoe company can produce its shoes in south east Asia and claim it's
free market.
A major bank can incorporate in Bermuda to avoid taxes and claim it's a
free market.
We can buy HP Printers made in Mexico.
We can buy shirts made in Bangladesh.
We can purchase almost anything we want from 20 different countries BUT,
heaven help the elderly who dare to buy their prescription
drugs from a Canadian pharmacy.. That's called un-American! And you think
the pharmaceutical companies don't have a powerful lobby? Think again!
Forward this to every person you know over age 50. It is an interesting
thought. Maybe this is an issue that should come up in the next election!
Forget the 50, send it to everyone. We're all in this boat together!

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