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Monday, February 06, 2006

A Recent Conversation With God

It's not as if I were religious or anything. I mean, usually you read about God speaking to people who pray to It-whatever It is. I'm probably an anthiest in the sense that I don't believe in an anthropomorphic God. I always just figured that there were too many possible forms for a God to take, so why would It take one as imperfect as something akin to human? I'm not even a member of an organized religion. Well, unless you count Unitarian-Universalists as"organized" or even a "religion". So, I was really surprised when God decided to converse with me. I thought I was dreaming or cracking up or maybe both. Here is this voice inside my head that was definitely not ME. I can't say it was a male voice or a female voice or a low voice or a loud voice. It was just a kind of "thought" voice. Nonetheless, I was really hearing the voice of another and it was in the form of words and thoughts and images. It was a kind of "Total Voice." I couldn't detect any emotion in it. But it was not a computer voice. Talking to God is really hard to describe.

When I decided to write about my conversation with God, I figured that most people would ask, "What did He look like?" Well, now, that's another problem. God doesn't look like anything comprehensible to the human mind - least of all THIS human mind. Maybe that's why so many religions ban idols or depictions of God. Who knows?

Then I surmised that a good skeptic would say, "How did you know it was God and not the devil or your own subconscious" That's another toughie. How does anyone know that their dreams are dreams and not reality or that the reflection in the mirror is really themselves? It rather gets to the center of the greater questions of consciousness and descriminating between self and non-self and even the mental health definitions of psychosis. I can only say, "I know." It was God and It was communicating with me in some unexplainable "God" fashion.

Naturally, as soon as I'd determined for sure that God was actually communicating with ME, the first thought I had was, "Why me?" I'm a nobody. I am not a powerful figure physically, politically, religiously, scientifically, or in any other important area that I could think of. And. As I said, I wasn't even on my knees praying for guidance. What I was doing, in fact, was worrying. I know, I know. No need to tell me that worrying is a useless waste of energy. I know that intellectually, but I'm a worrier. I was born this way. I worry about everything. Worry is my middle name.

So there I was staring blankly into space and worrying. Goodness knows there are enough things to worry about. At the moment I was worrying about global warming, climate change, mass extinctions, survival of species, war, human suffering, and George W. Bush. Not especially in that order. I was also probably worrying about how my tomatoes were doing. I can't recall exactly that I was, but it is one of those things I worry about frequently. Then came the VOICE. It said, "STOP WORRYING!" I paid my shrink good money to tell me the same thing, so why would God feel the need to repeat the message? But the VOICE continued.

"All the things you worry about are absolutely insignificant in MY great scheme of things. You are totally insignificant. (I already knew this.) George W. Bush is insignificant. In fact, the entire planet and all its life forms and other forms of matter are insignificant."

Now this was a bit of a shock, I must admit. I'm not, as I remind you, religious; but I had always sort of thought life on Earth was important. I didn't have to express this, however. God was ahead of me. It said, "I'm in constant communication with everything everywhere. That's because I AM everything everywhere always. We are God. The only thing of importance is communication. We communicate with each thing in the manner appropriate for that thing. We have no present, past, or future. All time as perceived by humans is one time. All time communicates internally. All mass and all energy in all forms is one thing the various manifestations of which are in constant communication with itself and with time and with We. We have no beginning. We have no end. We have no mass. We have no energy. We are ALL." Here there was a pause. I guess I was being given some time to absorb this as best as my pea-brain could. Then the VOICE continued, "Got that?" Before I could think, "Well, sort of. It's got something to do with Chaos Theory and Quantum Physics and Gravity Waves, right?" the VOICE continued. "You understand all you need to understand." This was a great relief. I've always hated timed exams.

Suddenly a thought bubbled up from the overly developed worry lobe of my brain. "But you spoke to George W. Bush, didn't you?" "Of course," replied the VOICE. "WE communicate with everything everywhere simultaneously." "But you told him that you wanted him to be president or something." "WE communicate with each thing in a manner appropriate to that thing. George W. Bush is communicated with in an extremely simple form. He chose to interpret that communication in a certain manner. He is oblivious, as are most things, of the rest of the communications. Communication with all things is constant." "Soooo . . . you communicate with me constantly, but I don't know it." "That is correct." "And you really didn't tell George W. Bush that he should be president of the United States?" "Of course not. It doesn't matter who is president of the United States. It doesn't matter what happens to George W. Bush. You are all minuscule bits of WE. You are part of WE so WE communicate with you. But you are almost totally unimportant bits of WE."

"Wait, wait!" I cried. "If we are part of YOU - sort of like the atoms in the molecules that are parts of the protein of a cell - even that minuscule part must have some importance to the whole."

"I knew, of course, that you would think that. However, recall that one hydrogen atom is the same as another hydrogen atom and they are interchangeable and, in fact, are constantly being interchanged. Everything that happens in your body, in one cell of your body, is in a state of constant change and also in constant communication with every other cell and every other body and every other thing in the Universe. You exist only for these exchanges of atoms and energies and ions and particles. All life forms exist for one purpose and one purpose only. They exist to further communication. But WE are infinite. The loss of a portion of the current apparatus for communication is of no consequence. WE are a system of redundancies. You, all of you, are easily replaceable in one form or another. In fact, the replacements are already in existence. You cannot live in eternity. You cannot know that you are but a blip on the time screen. You, all of you humans, think you are of some vast importance. It is a conseqence of your existence. Consider, though, that there are billions of suns like your own and that most have planets about them as your own is about its sun. Should not there be also billions upon billions of life forms?"

"This is really depressing. Now I have nothing to worry about but my own sorry skin. Why are you telling me all this?"

"That's what WE do," said the VOICE.

And that was the last thing it said.

I've spent considerable time since this "conversation" analysing its meaning and import. I've even worried about it. Because that's what I do. I've finally been able to summarize the conversation this way, "Don't worry. Be happy. Nothing anyone does is of lasting significance. Live for the moment. Carpe diem. George W. Bush is an insignificant nitwit who thinks God told him to be President. He's a nut." I guess that about sums it up.

But since all of you had conversations with God and some of you may even know it, perhaps you can spread further light on the issues involved. God and I would appreciate your communications.


Anonymous said...

You can take a small step that will go a long way to stop the biggest political and environmental threat we face today. You don't have to spend money. You don't have to volunteer your time.

All you have to do is join with hundreds of thousands of other concerned global citizens in the Virtual March to Stop Global Warming.


It's a non-political effort that was launched in April 2005 with Senator John McCain and Robert F Kennedy Jr. to move across the United States via the Internet from one town to the next presenting evidence of the effects of global warming while highlighting people?s concerns and solutions along the way.

Join the Virtual March www.StopGlobalWarming.org. Be with David Whiteside, Walter Cronkite, former CIA director James Woolsey and the millions of others who demand action when the Virtual March reaches Washington, D.C. on Earth Day 2006.


Chi said...

I joined the virtual march a long time ago. God may not really care what happens to this planet, but I still do! It's a matter of saving my own future and the future of my children and their children. Humans won't be around forever, but I'd kind of like to make sure they are around for at least a few thousand more years.


Visit it and join the virtual march today!!!


Anonymous said...

'sfunny, when I talk to It, maybe ten times a week, God says It has this infinite awareness of Itself and Its works. It is pretty clear on the point that It is a Designer and Creator taking pleasure in its works. Because of the infinite awareness angle, nothing is unimportant. You think you worry about every lump on any remote area of your body, but the Creator worries more. God worries about W and about the well-being of every amoeba in his large bowel.

W is a different sort of human being. We've all met them. It is possible to be a believer and a thinker, but W is only a believer. Thinking reminds him too much of times he got in trouble in his youth, when thinking people expressed exasperation with him.

Fortunately for W, non-thinking believers are in the majority in the U.S.A. It is rather like people who think Letterman is funnier than Leno. W and Letterman leave comfortable impressions on those who would rather not think. The message is that it is OK not to think and to leave that to jerks who cannot help but think.

Your thing about not worrying sounds like the God I talk to. However the rationale there is that with our preposterously limited awareness we should not worry, because worrying is a divine art, and we were not designed with the capacity to do it, except very poorly, or to learn to do it much better across a human lifespan, which is incredibly short.

God, BTW, loves his works. It is not put off by bad breath, B.O., bad taste, not even by the resolution not to think.

God has this sense of humor that is broader than yours or mine. It finds Its creation funny a lot more of the time than that creation would like to be found funny. Disasters and funerals are just among many events that tickle Its funny bone.

If anything ticks God off, it is creatures passing judgement on one another. God created us all to his incomprensible purposes, gave us this hilarious entropic universe to live in, along with the even funnier free-will-within-our-frame-of-reference. Since we are clueless, God gives us clues that are just enough to get us excited and to keep us screwing up.

The ultimate nyuk, nyuk is when humans believe they are made in the image of God. That is true in the sense that Beavis & Butthead were created in the image of huumanity.

God loves the song of birds, even jackass penguins. If they are the vocalists, humankind are the clowns. God enjoys the variety show.

Once I caught on to the fact that I am the butt of some of God's jokes, life began to make a lot more sense. I confess I find it easy to think of God as
"the Father" for whom heaven is a throne, rather like a lazy-boy recliner, and earth is a foot-stool (or TV tray). I never could figure out my earthly father, but I have come to love my interaction with him. I cherish the differences between us, and I cherish his love, even when its expression is unpleasant to me. Same deal with the heavenly father.

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