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Sunday, January 01, 2006

It has been a while since my last post. I visited the United States (Florida and North Carolina) for various family events and concerns. I was gone a month and, of course, when I returned I was pooped! For a while I just rested - read good books, did lazy birding, and began trying to learn my new Power Mac. Then I couldn't get my DSL modem configured properly for the Mac since there is only one other Mac user who has the NetMod modem in all of the Southern Zone! When dealing with bureaucracies, one has to be patient. Almost a month after my first frantic call to ICE, the right technico with one CD containing the Mac driver arrived at my gate! Even then it took most of the day for him to figure out how to do the configuration. Every Mac OS is a little different, apparently. THEN I had to start getting caught up on the huge backlog of work.

Meanwhile, my great young friend and helper, Martin Leon, had a bad accident in which he cut right through the tendon in one finger of his right hand. That required surgery and he's been in terrible pain while recovering. The doctor's say another month before the wrapping holding his right hand and forearm rigid can be removed and probably a year or more before he is fully recovered.

And, naturally, November and December are the busiest months and the most expensive! Just trying to get my photos processed and uploaded to the various stock photo sites I use, moving information from two PC's to the Mac, and planning for a possible building of two or three cabinas for birders and other nature tourists to this area, have taken much too much time.

My next post will be something I found in today's science news regarding GM crops and problems they are introducing. We get all the "good" news about GM crops, but the "bad" news (the dangers that are now cropping up) are hidden away. Most people never get a chance to read it.

It's good to be home again in Costa Rica.

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The Noon said...

Happy New Year!

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