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Sunday, June 12, 2005

BuzzFlash - Daily Headlines and Breaking News

BuzzFlash - Daily Headlines and Breaking News


The Noon said...

Chi! It's great to see your blog lit in my Bloglines feeds! Where have you been? How are Nelly and the young man that works for you? Has the weather been awful there as it is here in Puerto Rico? Hope all is well.

Chi said...

Nelly is fine. Martin is in Atenas about an hour and a half from San Jose taking care of a lady's 40 some animals while she vacations. He's being a nurse since many of the animals are very old or very sick and a caretaker of the property. He says it's a 24 hour a day job! But it is only for two weeks. Then he'll be back here for a few days, then back to Atenas for another week. Four other people in Atenas want to travel and are trying to schedule around each other so that Martin can care for their animals while they're gone. I was in Atenas and San Jose May 30 through June 4. I spent five hours waiting in various lines at Migraciƃ³n to get my residency cedula renewed on June 1 (my birthday!) and then another four hours with Martin at the U.S. Embassy on June 3 to get Martin a visa to accompany me to the States in October. The weather - well, it's the rainy season and this particular part of Costa RIca receives more rain than most other parts; but I wouldn't say the weather has been awful. You guys have to deal with a very active Atlantic hurricane season this year! The last time I was in Puerto Rica (1971) seasonal flooding overwhelmed the water system and everyone had to boil their water to make sure it was potable. Our problem is that we keep losing water. The picture of "Plan B" is of my water tower which I use as a back up when the water system fails - a daily occurence recently. On the Caribbean side of Costa Rica, the low lying areas where the big banana plantations are have a tendency to flood every year. Last year was worse than normal and hundreds of people were without shelter, food, water, clothing, or farming implements with which to get started again. The whole country raised money through telethons, special bank fund donations and the like. The government did nothing. President Pacheco is extremely unpopular at this time. The word from the farms and towns is that he should be imprisoned. Vamos a ver!

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