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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The Lizard

Several people have sent me email messages asking about the lizard that appears in several of the photographs published on this site. No, the lizard is not very big. Yes, it was (and, hopefully, still is) alive and well for the photo shoot. It was a very obliging little guy and held still for many of the photos I took. Naturally, since he was alive and unrestrained, he moved around quite a bit and taking macro photos of a moving critter means taking a LOT of photos and discarding most. This is possible with today's digital cameras. I had an assistant, though, for these pictures. Martin (see post on Martin Leon Leon) was with me and spent much time catching the lovely reptile and replacing him on the table we were using as a base for the photos. When the shots were taken, the lizard was released back to my garden and promptly disappeared beneath plants and leaves. I have not been able to identify the species of this lizard. Perhaps someone out there has a clue? I have other photos showing details of the body including an interesting enlargement on the tail which I'm assuming has some purpose in reproduction. Any herpers out there?

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